Birthday Parties, Fishing and Holiday Clubs

About your Naturedayz party:

£300.00 all inclusive for what is provided in the Birthday Party package:

Naturedayz parties are hosted at various sites on the Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire borders, which boast a wide variety of ecology, perfect for both beginner and expert nature enthusiasts.

Naturedayz chooses woods which are full of wildlife with deer, foxes, badgers and smaller, unusual mammals such as dormice and water shrews. Birds are very prolific with nesting buzzards, sparrow hawks, tawny and little owls as well as a wealth of smaller birds in all sorts of habitats.

The most dramatic floral glory of the woods is the carpet of bluebells in May.

Naturedayz is unique in that by using small humane mammal traps (associated with mammal surveying for monitoring purposes), we are able to allow children a real life glimpse into the tiny world of small mammals such as wood mice, plus other mini mammals. The traps are baited for 72 hours prior to the start of the party, which dramatically maximises the success of captures.

Take a look at this great video of a Vixen with her Fox cubs. In the background you can hear school children playing in their lunch break.


Timings and Activities

Parties run from 12 noon until 3pm and include:

  1. A brief introduction and safety talk including boundaries;
  2. The nature trail itself (please see note on time) includes 10 traps that will have been located throughout the woodland trail.This forms the main focus of this activity which also includes looking at mammal tracks, identifying the mammals caught and learning about them as well as learning interesting facts about the woodland environment.
  3. Woodland Games.
  4. Den Building. This involves using wood found within the grounds to make a woodland camp that captures the imagination of the children and helps them to think about whats important in terms of shelter and comfort outside.
  5. Barbecue facilities. We provide a fire, plus wood, which is suitable for barbecuing on our woodland campfire with griddle to cook sausages, stews, beans and marshmallows on.
  6. Shelter. This is provided in the event of bad weather.
  7. Venue.

Parents are welcome to join the trail at no extra cost.



Naturedayz birthday parties are £300.00 all inclusive.

A deposit of £100 is required in full NO LATER than two weeks prior to the event.

Payment should be made to Mr T Tramblinas (either cash, cheque, or bank transfer is acceptable). Details will be provided upon booking.


If you'd like to book a party with Naturedayz then please contact me or call on  07521 813162



Holiday Clubs

Naturedayz offers a variety of activities for children during the school holidays and weekends.



This is by far the most popular of activities, especially in the summer months.

Nowadays children do not have the opportunity to take part in such past times. I meet groups of five children at several idyllic venues depending on where you are based. The most popular venure, Foxbridge lakes in Ifold, West sussex has proven to be prolific with huge hauls of fish being caught by those taking part.

The record so far exceeds 100 fish in the day with a variety of species showing up which children rarely get a chance to see.