Birthday Parties

the Birthday Party package is £300.00 all inclusive

Parties run from 12 noon until 3pm and include:

  1. A brief introduction and safety talk including boundaries;
  2. The nature trail itself (please see note on time) includes 10 traps that will have been located throughout the woodland trail.This forms the main focus of this activity which also includes looking at mammal tracks, identifying the mammals caught and learning about them as well as learning interesting facts about the woodland environment.
  3. Woodland Games.
  4. Den Building. This involves using wood found within the grounds to make a woodland camp that captures the imagination of the children and helps them to think about whats important in terms of shelter and comfort outside.
  5. Barbecue facilities. We provide a fire, plus wood, which is suitable for barbecuing on our woodland campfire with griddle to cook sausages, stews, beans and marshmallows on.
  6. Shelter. This is provided in the event of bad weather.
  7. Insurance, First Aid and Public liability
  8. Parents are welcome to join the trail at no extra cost.


School visits

The school visits are a great introduction into wild mammals and tie directly into the School Key stage 1 and Key stage 2 science curriculum.

I can offer you the opportunity for me to come to your school and give a talk on mini mammals, living in our surrounding habitats. As well as the talk, I can also offer to set some humane Longworth traps (these are the standard traps used for surveying and monitoring small mammals, approved by the RSPCA) within the school grounds, to demonstrate to and familiarise children with a world they rarely get a chance to see.

  • 20 minute talk. - Free
  • A 45 minute mini mammal talk. - £35
  • Mini mammal talk trapping starts at - £250
  • Other projects and opportunities for children to get involved in trapping are available. These can be tailored to suit the needs of the school or class.

Find out more about our schools visits here


Fishing Days

Come and enjoy a novel and exciting experience with NaturedayZ!

NaturedayZ fishing sessions are hosted at 3 different and challenging sites in Surrey and Sussex, which boasts a wide variety of ecology, perfect for both beginner and expert nature enthusiasts and anglers.

The Sessions last for 6 hours, monday to friday, 9-3 although the time can be changed for a group.

For other sessions we can do 3 hours at a time. 

  • All fishing tackle and bait included
  • Rod licence included if under the age of twelve. 
  • Day ticket paid.
  • Max five to a group. 
  • £40 per child for 6 hours. 
  • £20 for a 3 hour session
  • Sausage sandwiches included. (For Dietary requirements please just ask)